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14 May 2024

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you are all well

Spring seems to have finally settled in. Even if the weather is still a bit variable, at least the temperatures are slightly higher and the heating is finally off for good... well, until next winter, I hope!

This past year I have really noticed how much the seasons and especially the sun do affect my mood and energy levels. I know that during the cold season lower energy levels are rather normal. However, this year I really struggled to wake up from my hibernation. I felt very tired and lethargic until mid March. Then I went to India and felt an immediate change for the better. Being outdoors all day in the sun and by the beach really improved my outlook on life and my mental and physical wellbeing. I came back to London feeling really alive and full of ideas, only to be met by a second wave of winter that sent me right back into my cosy den... 

As much as I like to think that my strong will (stubbornness more like it) is all I need to achieve my goals, I have to admit that I am totally dependent on the cycles of Nature. I am part of Nature and Nature is part of me. Modern society keeps pushing us in directions which are often opposite to the rhythms of Nature, leaving us feeling exhausted, unhappy and unstable.  Although I realise that we can't all just sleep in winter and only work when the sun is shining, there are ways that can help us to be more in harmony with Nature.

Things that help me:

  • Taking time to connect with Nature. If you live in a city like me, just go for a walk in the park and greet the trees, the flowers, the birds and the sky. It may sound silly, but it really makes you feel part of the same big family.

  • Taking time to rest. It is paramount to find a good work/rest balance. Make sure that when you are off, you are really off, no 'just checking in'... and as a good daily practice, put your phone down more often. Spending hours scrolling on social media is not resting.

  • Eating seasonally, as much as possible. It is the best way of enjoying more nutritious food and also varying your diet. You might discover new ingredients and delicious recipes you didn't know! It is also better for the planet ;)

  • Practicing disciplines such as Qigong and Tai chi to find harmony with nature and the seasons.

  • Practicing Yoga Nidra to reset your nervous system and improve your sleep hygiene

I can help you:

I'm always curious to hear what you think. Please get in touch with any feedback, questions or requests. I'd be really happy to hear from you.

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