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29 Jul 2023

The brightness and warmth of Summer seem already like a fading dream and as the days are getting a bit cooler, I can feel that Autumn is peeking from around the corner. This time of the year feels almost like a non-season, a time in between, a period of transition. Late Summer is not an official season per se however, it is still a very important phase in the cycles of Nature. This is a time of harvest and abundance; this is the season of the Earth element. Earth brings stability and balance. It also enables us to transition with more fluidity through the events of our daily life. It teaches us to be resilient and to transform our experiences into things that nourish us and bring us fulfilment.

Unfortunately, a severe imbalance of the Earth element seems almost endemic nowadays. I’ve noticed that many people feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, anxious and mentally exhausted by overthinking and overanalysing.

There are many ways to support and keep the Earth element in balance. Qigong, yoga, meditation etc. Simply walking in Nature and noticing your surroundings could be very restorative for the nervous system and could help feeling more grounded. Try not to use headphones and just listen to the sounds around you, observe the colours, the smells. Really connect with Nature and the sensations in your body. Take a break from screens and information. In our vane effort to find connection through social media we are actually severing our bond with Earth and our own true nature, feeling more and more stressed and isolated.

Yoga Nidra could help bringing the Earth element in balance and rediscovering your own true nature, which is free and pure conscious awareness, nonrestricted by worry and anxiety.

Join me on a journey of exploration through the layers of our consciousness to feel more grounded, balanced and focussed. You will also get a really rejuvenating good night sleep :)

Wednesday 2nd of August

9:30pm (UK time)

30min of guided meditation

DM for Zoom Link

Suggested Donation £5

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