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25 Oct 2022

I've noticed that a lot of people at the moment are coming down with colds. We need to really take care of ourselves to build up our defences and stay healthy. 

Rest is key to our wellbeing. If we don't sleep well and if we are exhausted, we are more prone to get ill. If we are tired we become vulnerable, both in the body and in the mind. 

Luckily we have yoga nidra! A yoga nidra practice aimed at facilitating sleep can do wonders. It can help you relax and snooze, if you find it hard to fall asleep and even if you have no problems with it, you will probably experience a really deep sleep and will wake up totally rested and refreshed.

So... join me for our October practice!

Wednesday 26th of October 

9:30pm (UK time)

On Zoom 30min

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